We are an import trading company based in Las Vegas, our staff is composed of Asian American, African American, and Hispanic American and LGBT friendly.

MIXWS is the DBA of soloadventurer.llc(below as SOLO), SOLO has been engaged in import trade for ten years. SOLO is also a registered 5 star merchant of ASI(asicentral.com), and the registration number of ASI is 88157

Our website is encrypted by SLL, and the login is mainly performed by third-party logins from Google and Facebook. We do not collect any customer privacy information, and we provide a separate registration email for login. If you want, you can register for a new third-party email address for used to log in to our website only, which physically isolates any possibility of privacy leakage.

Regarding payment, we use PAYPAL, which allows customers to shop on our site without any risk. And once the disputed PAYPAL intervention will allow customers to have more initiative to avoid losses. however if you prefer check or wiretransfer it is also possible to transfer communication from online to offline and to communicate and confirm by email. info@mixws.com 

Large companies have their own mature supply chains, while small and micro enterprises do not. Serving small and micro enterprises is what we do.

Small orders, flexible color matching, and taking all the risk before customers get the goods, and adding no more than 15% profit to the factory cost price and being honest as always, are the most important. 

We help customers build their own business kingdom from scratch, especially mothers of children, teenagers, and the elderly are very friendly, whether you try to set up a street stall, a small display cabinet next to the cashier of a street convenience store, or you try to become an Amazon Walmart COSTCO suppliers, try any kind of business model, small orders minimize trial and error costs.