Q:Can I custom printing on phone case products that I ordered?

A:There is no problem, but it should be noted that some products have factory LOGO on them, which we cannot remove, so you need to select products without LOGO on the mobile phone case for custom printing on the mobile phone case, and send the product number and your needs to the email address info@mixws.com



Q:Can you send me a product catalog?

A:Sorry, we do not provide product catalogs. Our product upload and iteration cycle is about 6 months, and products after 6 months of upload will be deleted or updated. The price of each product is different according to the order quantity, and the product catalog is meaningless.




Q:How do I get the UPC for a product and how can I do an analysis to see which products are selling the most? Which one is Amazon restricted? If I have inventory files, I can do a quick analysis and tell you what I want to buy.


The question of analyzing sales volume through UPC analysis itself is problematic, and this idea is easily misled. To answer this question, I will quote the discussion on UPC codes from gs1us.org. Here is my personal interpretationUPC code application and sharing are completed by commercial entities or individuals, and may be Sharing or not being shared, the act of sharing is a separately charged item. I will not discuss the abuse of the logic in the UPC code here. I just want to say that a certain product has a large sales volume in business activities, and the competition is fierce, but it does not make much money. a lot of.To analyze the market you can try other methods, this is my personal suggestion.

Regarding Amazon's banned products, I will share a little of my personal advice and experience here, which may be very one-sided but may have a little reference value. Image infringement, brands, and sensitive categories are problems with high probability. The latter two are simply not discussed. They are all in the user agreement. You can also learn a lot through various forums. Image infringement is particularly prone to occur, even if the product image has You personally complete the shooting and upload it to Amazon, but if other Amazon sellers or even other website sellers steal it and then complain to Amazon, there is a possibility that you will become a victim. Find a way here, publish the picture in a third party and keep the date.

Other questions I answered in the previous Q&A.






Q:Can you send me a product price list with UPC codes?

A:The price of the products listed on the website is affected by the order quantity, and the delivery time is constantly changing due to various national policies. So we can't give you a definite price list, it can only be checked by you on the website.

We do not supply UPC code.



Q: Can you ship the goods directly to the FBA warehouse?

A:  yes,send us shipping label , When placing an order, there will be order number,

Send an email to INFO@MIXWS mentioning the order number and attach the Amazon shipping label and other packaging requirements.



Q: Will I be charged by custom duties?

A: Most likely not, if it happens, please take a photo of the customs invoice and create a ticket related to the order number, and upload it or send an email 

to support@mixws.com

we will pay. 




Q: I have not received the goods, it has been blocked by customs, Will I get a full refund?

A: The customer's loss will be paid in advance by us, and then we will negotiate with the cargo carrier and supply factory for compensation.




Q: If the package is lost or damaged by the carrier, Can I get a refund?

A: Yes, We will refund the lost and damaged products. Remember before 15 days after receiving cargo. visit the refund page in the order system, please.




Q: Do you do drop shipping? 

A: No.




Q: Can you quote products, freight, and customs duty separately?

A: The price you see on the product detail page will be the final price with custom duty included, you can match with others, but at checkout, shipping and cost of goods will be shown separately



Q: What if part of the orders are damaged or have quality problems or imprint defects? I want a full refund and where am I supposed to send these cargoes?

A: Fully refund is a yes. remember before 15 days after receiving cargo, visit the refund page in the order system, please.



Q: Does the time estimation on the price page a firmed data? Or do you take rush orders?

A: No, it’s a rough estimation,  if you have a deadline or a firmed in-hand date please contact with online sales rep after you place the order but before payment. Our colleague will give you a clear answer. or send an email to info@solo-adventurer.com (MIXWS is a DBA of Soloadventurer LLC.)


Q: Do you offer exchange?

A: No.


Q: How do you make a refund?

A: Orders paid online refunds will be made according to the original route. offline paid orders will be refunded by TT.


Q: What if I found problems 15 days after I received cargo?

A: it depends, send us an email  

at support@mixws.com


Q: How do I cancel my order or track my order?

A: Cancel the order action on the order page, action as soon as possible and we will attempt to accommodate your request based on the status of your order. For tracking, we will update all progress on the order page and via emails with the tracking number. Also, you could leave a message on the order page, sales rep to happy to help, like asking for taking a picture of products or packaging even for pre-production sample are all fine. Also if you sell on Amazon make sure double check the shipping label, please.


Q: Do you do net payment terms

A: no.