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These small lightweight bags are made of durable velveteen fabric. Perfect to store personal and daily essentials like fine jewelry, rings, earrings, necklace, pocket watches, chains, bracelets, gems or collectible coins.The bag is 3.15"x4", custom size is available. ..


Each favors bag has a drawstring make it easy to fasten and loosen, convenient for storage wine bottle or other things.Our wine bags are made of eco-friendly natural velvet material which is durable sturdy, and can be reused for longer. The material of inner feels soft that prevent scratching when storing.Approx 15x35cm. Accommodate a regular 750ml wine bottle. Suitable for package wine bottles and Champagne bottles, protect them from dust, perfect for home storage, gift and glass bottles packaging in parties, weddings and festivals.Add this luscious velvet fabric wine bag to your promotions for an impressive look that's sure to grab attention from your target audience!Add your name, logo or marketing message before handing it out to reach new and potential clients near and far!..

Showing 28 items perpage